Scotland Against the Care Tax has become aware that some councils have been issuing care charge statements after April 1st without providing any explanation about how may hours of personal care and how many hours of non personal care they think people get.  Without providing this explanation they are making a mockery of Frank's Law.  

Under Section 2 paragraph 25 of the local authority guidance they are required to provide this breakdown

25.   In preparation for the implementation of the extension of this policy, local authorities will need to inform supported people currently receiving care at home services about the level of personal care and non-personal care they receive.

If you are in this situation you need to immediately write or email your social worker or council finance department and ask for this breakdown.  

Some councils would like to provide only a numerical breakdown of hours - x Hours of Personal Care and Y hours of Non Personal Care.  This is not an adequate response as individuals must be put in a position to to make a fair assessment of the option open to them.  So local authorities have to identify which tasks they are still planning to charge you for and how long they expect this task to last.   This information will allow supported peopel to decide whether to accept the council's assessment, to challenge the assessment or to cancel that part of the council's services and to make other arrangements.  

We have prepared two sample draft  letters 

First is if you have been provided with no information on the personal care split at all. Click Here

 The second is if you have been provided with the hours breakdown but no information on what is included in each element.  Click Here