The following organisations collaborate as part of Scotland against the Care Tax.  It should not be assumed that each of them agree with all articles on this website or other materials produced by SACT 

  1. Learning Disability Alliance Scotland
  2. Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living
  3. Inclusion Scotland
  4. The Coalition of Carers in Scotland
  5. Scottish Campaign For A Fair Society
  6. Independent Living in Scotland project
  7. Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living
  8. Sense Scotland
  9. Values Into Action Scotland
  10. Self Directed Support Scotland
  11. Glasgow Disability Alliance
  12. Pat's Petition
  13. Carers Scotland
  14. Inclusion
  15. C-Change
  16. Black Triangle
  17. Equal Say
  18. Quarriers
  19. Neighbourhood Networks
  20. The Richmond Fellowship Scotland
  21. The Alliance
  22. Carers Trust Scotland
  23. MECOPP
  24. Capability Scotland
  25. Coalition of Care Providers Scotland
  26. Enable Scotland
  27. Scottish Campaign for a Fair Society
  28. Scottish Disability Equality Forum
  29. UNISON Scotland